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The new 5.1 patch

The new 5.1 patch is now up for download and playable on the realm!!! All characters will remain for a beta test of the new levels and drop rates. After the beta is complete there will be a wipe of all characters. For those of you with the desire to save your characters after the […]

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Recover your characters!

Hello everyone!Today we are announcing Paid Character Recovery! and Wipe Recovery!1. What is Paid Character Recovery?Well its simple, when you head over to our subscriptions page¬†http://blazingfire.com/forums/payments.phpYou will see Monthly Recovery plans. They go as the following!1 Month plan = 10 recoveries per month3 Month plan = 15 recoveries per month6 Month plan = 20 recoveries […]

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Contest – Sing to win items!

Contest – Sing to win items!Rules:1. Must be your singing2. Must be the song we specified.3. Must attach your video to youtube OR to this website4. Must post in the forum post with the link to your singing or post your video in this post.5. Must sing I See Fire – By Ed Sheeranhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fng…=RD2fngvQS_PmQThank you […]

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Welcome to BlazingFire

Welcome to Blazingfire.com We supply the world with free and paid for server resources. For gaming and just enjoying your self!   Have a look around, sign up on the forums and let us know who you are.

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